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Default And now for something a little different.

I purchased a porterhouse at my local grocer and dry aged it in the fridge for 72 hours.

Here's the star of our show directly out of the wrapper.

I wrapped it in paper towels and set it in the fridge on the wire rack shown. I changed the paper towels every day though there wasn't much need to after the first 24h. Here's our steak ready for seasoning. 30m before grill time. If I would have been thinking, I would have weighed it before and after to see what kind of water weight was lost.

I got the chimney all fired up with some B&B Oak Lump.

It was nice and toasty coming off the top of the chimney but it was absolutely an inferno underneath. I set the chimney on the grill to get the grate good and hot. I knocked off all the ash and loose lump and then picked up the chimney and slid the porterhouse underneath.

The steak cooked for 1 1/2 minutes per side. While it was cooking, I warmed another grate on the top of the chimney. I pulled the steak from underneath and set it on the warmed grill for 1 minute per side with a metal bowl on top to further channel the heat.

I pulled the metal bowl, and checked for the proper sear.

I sliced the tenderloin side and served with a paprika-parmesan compound butter (not shown) and asparagus.

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