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Smile Foil Hat Rub

Apparently, I am never going to find the correct combination of time and money to make up all the batches of rub I need to. I am taking this to mean I shouldn't try getting in the rub selling business.

Therefore, I have decided to share this recipe with everyone. I have wanted to share it for a long time but felt maybe I could use it to make some spare change. I have learned that some things are more important than trying to get this thing going.

This is the culmination of all of my experiences, from all of ingredient experiments (just do a search for threads I started with the word "experiment" in the title), and from sampling (truly) hundreds of rubs, and doing side by side comparison cooks over the last 7 years.

This is truly my favorite rub, but I could of course be biased. There is one other rub that me and my family also like a lot, but it is not commercially available and sent to me in a Brethren trade by Vosholl Vulture. If you ever get the chance to try his rub I would recommend giving it a shot. Commercially, I have tons of replies in threads asking what everyone's favorite rubs are, and I have never lied, those are my favorites, and I am proud to say that of the top 10 of my favorites, and of the ones I keep a regular supply on had, all of them are Brethren products with the exception of Smokin' Guns. My Brethren fav's are Plowboy's, Simply Marvelous, 3Eyez, Butcher's BBQ Honey, and Smokin Okie's Rooster Booster. If you have not tried any of these products, you should.

This recipe is simply listed in "parts". The size I have always used for personal use and when sending to others is 1 part equals 1 tablespoon. This makes enough to fill a typical shaker bottle and even have some extra. A double batch will fill one of the big, tall containers.

12 Hungarian Sweet Paprika (Szeged)
6 White Cane Sugar
6 Brown Cane Sugar
6 Kosher Salt (Morton's)
6 Herbamare
2 Granulated Garlic (Tones)
2 Onion Powder (Tones)
2 Chili Powder (Williams)
1 Lemon Pepper (Tones)
1 X-Hot Barker New Mexico Chile Powder (Da Gift Basket)
1 Dulse graunules (fine particles)

About the oddball ingredients that maybe you are unfamiliar with...Herbamare and Dulse granules.

I find both locally at Whole Foods (or Whole Wallet depending on your perspective), but can find better deals online but have never pulled the trigger on that.

Here is where I have found the best online deal for Herbamare:

Also, I order my chile powders (all sorts) from Da Gift Basket...

One VERY important thing...The Dulse Granules are not the same as Dulse Flakes. Dulse Flakes are a larger size (think fish food flake size). Dulse granules are much smaller, more like the size of the particles in your other rub ingredients. It is important to get the smaller granules. If you use the flakes (like Gore did) then the flakes will linger on your tongue giving an aftertaste that Gore and his family refer to as "fuzzy". I would agree with that. My using the smaller flakes, they blend in with the rub and impart the correct umami flavor it is intended to give, without any fuzzy aftertaste. So if you are looking for online deals, MAKE SURE it is GRANULES not FLAKES.
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