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foil hat rub

  1. P

    bigabyte's famous Foil Hat Rub

    I bought some Dulse Granules at Whole Foods so that I can make the famous Foil Hat Rub. All they had was Dulse Granules "with Garlic". Is that the right stuff? I see on the picture below is says garlic. It was pretty faint to see. I'm hoping I got the right stuff by mistake!!
  2. bigabyte

    At the request of Landarc, my research that led to Foil Hat Rub

    I have even reverted to my Mad BBQ Scientist logo for these memories. It all started somewhere before I was even a member of the Brethren. Another local bbq'er named Clay (team name Sauced Pigs) and I were talking about the "myth" of sugars causing a burnt flavor on bark. After all, sugars...
  3. bigabyte

    Foil Hat Rub

    Apparently, I am never going to find the correct combination of time and money to make up all the batches of rub I need to. I am taking this to mean I shouldn't try getting in the rub selling business.:doh: Therefore, I have decided to share this recipe with everyone. I have wanted to share it...
  4. bigabyte

    BBQ Brethren "By Brethren for Brethren" Throwdown

    Our new category is... "By Brethren for Brethren" Logo from image search. chosen by R2Egg2Q, the winner of the Chinese New Year Throwdown! To explain the idea for this one, I am just going to take the explanation from R2Egg2Q directly... Click here to read the rules for the BBQ...