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somebody shut me the fark up.

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Aug 13, 2003
Port Saint Lucie, FL
Posting links to other sites, blogs, news, pics etc.


Brothers and Sisters,

When posting about topics that you've seen on other sites, please include enough of the original posting so that your fellow Brethren can glean enough information here to understand your point. Don't make us leave our home to read information on another blog or website.

Since you found the posting on another site interesting enough to send us there, copy it here in a post or thread. If it's a recipe, add it to our recipes section, photos - add them to our photo albums. Just be sure to credit the source. Let’s continue to build the Brethren knowledge base.

It's OK to include links to the original posting AFTER the copy of the original text, but don't be blatant about it.
Gang, please follow these guidelines! It only takes a couple of minutes to do it right instead of making more work for the moderators
It's time to revisit this! I am seeing a lot of folks just posting a link with no information. Please follow the guidelines above so folks can determine if they want to visit the link or not.
Mod Note:

Gang, PLEASE follow these guidelines! We are seeing more and more posts with just a link, and no explanation of what the link leads to. This can cause issues for members who blindly follow the link and can be ambushed by content that they don't want to see or don't care about.

If you are taking the time to post a link PLEASE post a brief description of what the link leads to!
Not open for further replies.