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  1. T

    More tongue pics!

    Tonybel's post got me motivated to try some lengua tacos for Memorial Day. Got about a 5 lber. Then I skinned it. It's no harder than filleting a fish. Then I tied it and rubbed it and put it on BGE at 275° At 11:40 am. I took it off and wrapped it at 160° with a little beer. It's...
  2. ShadowDriver

    Possibly Tongue Tied - Ongoing Two-Day Thread w/ Pr0N

    It's time for some lengua. I'm using Tonybel's Recipe/Technique on this (duh! the man's a farkin' lengua master), my first attempt. When I went to the Commissary and found the tongue selection (5 hunks of frozen beef tongue in the deep freeze section), I nearly passed out. I knew that this...
  3. G

    Poor Man's Brisket

    After weeks of wanting to smoke a beef tongue I finally got me some tongues. Whilst inspecting it I came to realize it looks like a brisket. Ill try to post some pron (if i can figure it out. Notice the actual tongue is very lean and is like the flat while the thicker part is more like the...