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  1. BBQCookin

    Bandera Thermometer Replacement

    Mine is shot (has the original New Braunfels logo), and although i do use a probe (Maverick), i'd like to get a replacement thermometer. Any recommendations? Thanks.
  2. D


    What is the life expectenancy of these items? I have a double probe thermometer where I replace the probes about two years ago or about 15 uses. I have the original thermometer on the Weekender. Do these start giving wrong numbers after time? I am currently doing one turkey this year. The...
  3. A

    Thermometer choice

    Hi everyone! Today is the day when I've decided to buy a meat thermometer. All the time I've used a digital meat thermometer from ThermoPro It worked well and, I think, displayed precise data. But I began to...
  4. D

    Inkbird New Waterproof Instant Thermometer Review

    I know a couple folks posted reviews of this item, here is mine. Product was sealed with no damage or issues with outer box. Product is securely packaged in the box with foam fitted cutouts. Contents of package include the thermometer, charging cable, calibration instruction card. I charged...

    Thermometer Type and Placement for My Offset

    Would I be better off sinking my cash into a couple of TelTru therms to replace the cheapies that came with my offset, OR buying one or two of those remote probes that clip to my grill surface? I'm not doing both. Too expensive. What's your setup?

    New Offset Q's: Surface Rust, Baffles, Thermometers

    Just picked up this used beauty on Craigslist - Texas Original Pits' Pearsall model. Got an awesome deal, but as this is my first offset, I need input on a few things I'll need to deal with: Surface rust: how do I handle this? Baffles: Do I need them? If so, can I have them made cheaper...
  7. N


    Was curious if anyone has messed with these. I had a cheap 1 probe wireless thermometer that died on me part way through my smoke this morning and when at lowes looking for a replacement, i saw the igrill2 and picked it up. This guy has room for 4 probes, it came with 2 and my probe from my old...
  8. chefman316

    Anyone use the ThermoWorks BlueTherm Duo?

    Looking to get a wireless therm with high/low temp alarm and data tracking...does anyone use the ThermoWorks BlueTherm Duo. If so, what are your thoughts? MH
  9. J

    NEW ThermaQ from ThermoWorks

    New from ThermoWorks - ThermaQ®! Designed for Hard-Core BBQ-ers, Chef-Level Sous Vide and Gastronomes. Reads two temps at once with professional-grade type K thermocouple probes. Check out more features here:
  10. J

    NEW from ThermoWorks

    This one is called, DOT. Engineered to Do One Thing. Set your temp and the alarm will sound when you get there. It's that easy.
  11. woodsider

    Anyone with Tappecue experience yet?

    Looking for a good range, four-probe thermometer. There is a thread on Tappecue from early this year but no one seemed to actually use it and tell us about how well it works (or not). If you have actually used the Tappecue system, how well does it work? Are you happy with it? Since it is...
  12. L

    Thermometer and temp questions

    Hey guys. I've had a little trouble with meat temps lately. Here are a few of my questions. 1. What meat thermometer would you recommend? 2. Where do you take temps on butts, brisket and ribs? 3. I've had a couple of times lately where I get different readings in different parts of a meat...
  13. J

    Thermapens are $96. Don't pay more!

    There has been some price confusion brought on by unauthorized Thermapen sellers flooding eBay and Amazon with overpriced Thermapens. Some charging as much as $199. Don’t buy from these sellers! Buy direct from, or a local authorized dealer. You shouldn’t pay more than about $96...
  14. H

    Long term reliability of Cyber Q

    I am very close to pulling the trigger on a Humphrey Down East Beast. As long as I am spending the money, I was looking to add the Cyber Q as having the rock solid temp control would save me sleep and not keep me chained to the homestead all day. I have read many threads, mostly addressing the...
  15. J

    Perfect Probe for Comp Chicken

    New thermometer from ThermoWorks (ChefAlarm) has an optional needle probe that's perfect for comp chicken. You can leave the probe in the meat while it cooks and it won't leave a gapping hole. $59 bucks at ThermoWorks, and the probe is $15. It comes with a Hi-Temp probe that's thicker, and not...
  16. WvQ

    Replacing Thermometer

    I'm replacing the crappy thermometer on my CG and placing it a little lower. I hadn't really thought about it until I saw one brand that said +/- 10 degrees accuracy. Does anyone have any idea if this is a normal accuracy range for a BBQ thermometer? I'm not sure the difference between 225 and...
  17. grilling24x7

    Are these thermometers junk? UDS

    I was ready to pull the trigger on a $40 Tel Tru. Then I was thinking about it. I'm going to do a 2.5 inch stem, mounted into the side of a UDS. I can't have the stem longer b/c the charcoal basket will nick it when removing. I do not want to have a removable 10" turkey fry thermometer...
  18. R


    Hi all, I am looking to purchase a new wireless digital thermometer. It needs to have upper and lower limit controls and I would prefer dual probe. Any recommendations? Looking for something reliable so I can start smoking overnight. Thanks!
  19. T

    Best thermometer?

    I see everyone and their mom's signature with Thermapens. Anyone have other suggestions? I have an iGrill, which in theory, should be awesome, but it's been faulty. I love the idea of a remote thermometer. Suggestions?
  20. P

    Wireless Thermometer - ET-73, ET-732, Or Something Else ???

    I don't have the money to pony up for a Stoker and my WSM is pretty good about keeping temps up anyway; so I was thinking of getting a dual thermometer so I am not waking the entire house up when I go out at 2AM to check my temps. I found the Maverick ET-73 for $30 at Amazon. It's...