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  1. B

    "St. Louis" ribs

    It'd been a long time since I'd purchased St. Louis ribs from CostCo. I'd forgotten that they come in a 3 pack and that sometimes the producer (Swift) seems to have what to me is an odd definition of a St. Louis cut. Not being a fan of using a rib rack and 3 being right out for fitting on my...
  2. FatDaddy

    35# of pulled pork for the Bonfire

    Had a small bonfire bbq, I was asked to cook for over the past weekend. I was able to get the small WSM fired up before I headed to work and went home and checked on it twice during the night. was humming right along about 230*. Started out by soaking 4 butts in Kosmo's pork soak overnight...
  3. pahutchens

    Here come the Judge....

    The KCBS certified judging class in Anoka MN was fun and informative. I got the pleasure of briefly meeting fellow brethren Mark and Fred (FWECK). Sorry I had to bolt right after class :redface: Mike Lake gave a strong presentation and they gave us a few not always easily caught bad boxes...
  4. EatonHoggBBQ

    A Short Brisket Thread w/pron

    Fired up the Klose yesterday, and did a 12lb packer and a fatty. Brisket dusted with Plowboys Bovine Bold. Into the pit then............. Alcoholic beverages may have been consumed during this time period............. 10 hrs. later the finished product. Cubed up the point. Sorry no...