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low carb

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    Any other low-carb BBQ lovers out there?

    One of the things that really got me interested in BBQ and all things meat, is the fact that pretty much everything you make is of the low carb variety. I've tried several diets over the last couple years and could never really stick to anything. For shoots and giggles I tried the low-carb...
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    Finally a Great Tasting Low Carb Breading for Fish .......

    I asked the Brethren for ideas for a low carb breading for some Crappie fillets. One of the guys "Dodis" said to use Pork Rinds. I was GREAT! I also used the Red Hot Pork Rinds. It didn't add any heat to the taste but it gave the breading a nice color. I didn't notice any pork rind taste...
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    Pappy’s Brunswick Stew (Low Carb.) prOn

    Pappy’s Brunswick Stew (Low Carb.) Pulled, Pork, Chicken, Hamburger Zucchini, Peppers Green Beans, Celery, Onion, Corn, Lima Beans, Cauliflower All in the pot. Lets Eat! Pappy’s Brunswick Stew (Low Carb.) Recipe 1.4 pounds Lean Hamburger (browned and drained) 2 pounds...