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leg of lamb

  1. ShadowDriver

    Sunday Spinning Shenanigans - Lamb (w/ Pr0n)

    Happy Sunday, Pharkers & Pharkettes! I made it through 10 hours of overtime yesterday, so I finally opened my new Cajun Bandit 22.5 rotisserie kit that arrived a couple of weeks ago. The munchkin was quite thrilled to help me with the install job. Picked up a small boneless leg of lamb at...
  2. ShadowDriver

    High Plains Easter - A leg up on the competition

    Wet rub of garlic, rosemary, anchovies, salt, pepper, and EVOO. Took a stab at the leg, making some deep pockets and helped some of that wet rub down inside. Cooked to 120F - still a little "done" on the outer bits for my liking... but perfect toward the middle. Roasted asparagus dredged...
  3. lantern

    Grilled boneless leg of lamb (with PrOn)

    Well, the first of two boneless lamb legs is ready to go. My favorite way. Grilled!! Components of the cook: Weber platinum grillgrates boneless New Zealand leg of lamb Royal Oak lump A-MAZE-N-PELLETS- pitmaster's choice seasonings and oil(overnight stay in the fridge): garlic rosemary...
  4. J

    Rotisserie Christmas Leg of Lamb

    Hey Guys! Hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. My enjoyment stepped up precipitously when I showed up at my relatives’ place in Atlanta for Christmas and they said, “Hey, care to help fire up this 9-pound leg of lamb we got for Christmas dinner? We’ve even got an Auspit at the ready to...
  5. E

    Smoked Leg of Lamb

    Smoked leg of lamb. It came out very nice.
  6. R2Egg2Q

    Leg of Lamb & Brisket Cook (Pron)

    I stopped by Restaurant Depot to pick up a packer and noticed a sale on leg of lamb at $3.19/lb. I picked up this Aussie bred 7.2 lb leg: Cleaned up the meat side and removed the aitch bone: Stuck slivers of garlic & rosemary into slits in the leg: Vacuum sealed the leg in a marinade...