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bbq rub

  1. B

    We All Love Rubbing Meat...But With What?

    Hey Guys! So I have a few "signature" rubs of my own but I'm currently working on developing more and perfecting my originals. Not asking for recipes but you are more than welcome to share, I'm asking more of HOW you make yours. What ratios of salt and sugar do you use for different meats? Any...
  2. rwalters

    Kamado Joe ribs w/ Kamado Joe Peach Rub

    All I can say is OH MY!!!! 1st of all, I had no idea how "different" the KJ lineup of rubs would be! They use organic evaporated cane juice which is actually brilliant, as it has a higher burn point. It's much easier to get a killer color on your finished product vs the often times "black"...
  3. T

    Sunday Smokeday - Spareribs and Great Weather

    I haven't posted anything in a while. I'm very new to this site and to BBQ in general. To give you an idea; I'm 23 years old. I wanted to post this smoke because I decided to scrap everything I was doing previously and change a lot of my methods. Anyways, I have had problems with my ribs being...