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bbq chicken pizza

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    BBQ Chicken Pizza Take 10

    I’ve made this pizza at least 10 times as it is my favorite. This morning I made up some pizza dough. Around 3:00 I prepped my kamado for pizza and lite it up to preheat. Around 3:30 I brought out my dough and all my ingredients. I applied a thin layer of BBQ sauce and some red onion...
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    BBQ Chicken Pizza – Part 9

    So I hadn't made pizza in a while so I broke out my favorite, BBQ Chicken Pizza. This morning I got a couple chicken breasts out to thaw and made up some pizza dough. This afternoon I broke it out and two it in two. I rolled out the first half and placed it on some parchment paper to...
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    BBQ Chicken Pizza - Part 7?

    I’ve made and posted this many time so this is more of just showing you what we had for dinner last night. (We had guests so the pictures aren’t great) Start out by dividing my dough. Then assemble my pizza. Now on my pre-heated (to 550) kamado. And done. Second pizza...
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    Grilled Pizza on the OTS

    Hey Everyone! Haven't posted much in the past, but I spend a lot of time lurking in the shadows... At any rate, I figured I'd share my latest 'success' - a grilled BBQ chicken Pizza on the 22" Weber OTS. She's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it tasted great! The second one came out...