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Very good advice. We do almost 100% of our advertising on Facebook. We don't do enough on Instagram and Twitter but I'm working on that as well. As he said, you have to be very careful with other things you post. We live in a small town and I spent a solid year before we opened putting an end to my political or controversial posts. We wouldn't even put a sign in our yard supporting a particular candidate because in today's political climate people will avoid you just because you have a different belief than them. We stay out of any kind of drama that goes on and we're careful not to lean in any direction that might put off someone that leans the other way. It kind of sucks because I'm very opinionated and have always enjoyed a good debate/argument.
Well...with politics, if you take a stand and pick a side, you'll definitely fire up some people in a good way, and make them like you more. But, you'll also turn some people off. If you get a net gain, it's a good marketing move.

Since running my own business for a while, I've definitely changed the way I look at stuff. When I see a business take a political stance I view it as marketing. It's not really about 'doing the right thing', it's not about morals or the owner's conscience - it's marketing, pure and simple. When a CEO makes a decision to do something in regards to politics, that's their own personal thing. But when they put out a press release touting their good deeds, that's marketing.

A few recent examples that spring to mind:
Nike's Kappernick ad.
REI halting sale of brands owned by Vista Outdoors.
Dicks Sporting goods halting the sale of assault rifles

All that said, it's a risk, and if you do something like that you have to know you will lose some customers.

For a small business, I'm of the opinion that it's best to build your brand in other ways that don't turn some people away. You (we) need all the 'fans' you can get, you don't want to be turning people away.
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