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Thinking out loud here.......ive been doing bbq on a Klose pit since 2001, been a member here since 05-06 dont remember.
I learned just a couple years ago how to post photos here.....middle age man.

I do quite a bit of bbq yet dont have my camera here at home as wife uses it for her work ocasionaly.

I too was intimidated during my first couple of years here not knowing or not having the equipment to post photos of my cooks.
We just got an air card a couple years ago which was a huge help in even posting a picture from time to time.
Hell I could not even view half the photos with dial up service here.

I believe I too was chastised for not posting photos but am glad I did not leave the greatest forum on the planet!

There are a few examples of why I did not post photos for some time, im sure there are others who are in the same situation that I was in.

Thanks Phil!

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