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Knows what a fatty is.
Jul 5, 2014

I already have a Gateway drum smoker, Primo Oval XL and a Weber Summit kamado. Have been wanting a bigger smoker/grill to use for bigger cuts of meat. Tried a piglet (16 lb) not too long ago, but it was hard to close the lid.

So now its time to get a bigger one that I could use for long cooks and direct grilling (if possible).

I live in Norway (Europe) and we don`t have many options when it come to smokers. Maybe I have to order from the states or other places in europe.

I still want to use charcoal/wood, so no gas or pellets.

We have both Workhorse and Pitts & Spitts, so im thinking about one of them. Pitts & Spitts seem to have a couple "offset" smokers. Are they any good?
Workhorse might be too big for my backyard and im thinking that Workhorse might rust fast in the climate we have here.

Any ideas on which smokers/grill to get? (Does not have to be Workhorse or Pitts & Spitts)
Any metal fabricators in your area? With the cost of shipping from the states you might be able to get a home grown model for less.