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Default Absolutely obsessed with perfect brisket texture

Hi there,

Been trying years and years to refine my brisket where I could be consistently happy with it. I think I'm failing...
I might be one of those people that will never get it with brisket (or rather, the only one)

I inject with something containing phosphates the night before. I cook mostly HnF 300-350, about 3-4 hours unwrapped and then wrapped in foil until probe tender.
I let the IT go down a bit and then rest in a Cambro until turn in. I cook the best briskets I can find, which isn't much since we don't really get the good stuff at all.

There's something about the "perfect" texture that is elusive, I can't put my finger on it but 9 out of 10 times the texture is off even though the brisket feels tender when probing it.

It's missing that spider-web look and doesn't have any gaps. It is tender, pulls apart nice, but rather pulls apart in chunks between the muscle fibers and is unpleasent to eat.
I would describe it as "splintery" and dry and when chewing it does't seem to go down ever. You can pretty much see what I mean in this video, even though the description says "perfect texture"
(sorry if this is someone's video from here, lol)

But 1 time out of 10 it comes out just right. Has that spider-web look, has some gaps, is really moist and just perfect.
But it probes exactly the same as the previous example with bad texture. If not, I would put my bet on overcooked.

Could it be that there just isn't enough marbling on those splintery briskets?
I think it's mostly due to the brisket just being dry, but I'm sure there is also something else going on.

Here are a few examples (mine) what I consider good ones:

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