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Originally Posted by sampson View Post
"Check with a probe, go by feel,"

What should it "feel" like? Brisket is definitely my weak point, any help is appreciated, thanks...
it depends on how close it is to feeding time.
AS SOON AS a probe inserted into the center of the flat, with the grain feels like a warm knife thru cool butter (Meaning a small amount of resistance), thens its cooler time. Let it rest and relax and have short vacation before being devoured.

If your eating(or submitting) shortly, take it to even less resistance where there is very little pushback when inserting the probe.

the point is.. DO NOT JUST TAKE IT TO 190-195-200 becase itsa a target temperature. Start checking sooner, around 180. You could be pushing a done(at 185) brisket past tender and juicy straight to dry and overdone.
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