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Got rid of the matchlight.
Aug 7, 2016
Northern NY
This is the modification I made to level the Blackstone griddle. I bought four 12" bar clamps, cut the end stops off, and used the slide/screw assembly to push off of the ground. The end of the vertical bar is about 1-1/4" off the floor. I have about 1-1/2" of adjustment (which is enough for me), but I wish I lowered the bar to 3/4" to get another 1/2" of play. (I can always put a block of wood under the clamp foot to get more.)

The back leg is lowered into position, ready to be screwed down to get level, front one is lifted out of the way for moving the griddle.


The lift assembly is fairly close to the fixed wheel, but on the tank end, I moved it out to allow for the swing of the caster.

Pros: Very easy to level. Use a button level on the surface before heating.
Allows me to move cooking oil where I want it. With the griddle tilted very slightly toward the back, I can decide when the oil should be moved into the grease cup. Or, if something is very greasy, tilt it to move the fat more quickly to the grease channel.

Con: It does increase the footprint of the griddle, making it a LITTLE harder to move around.

Although I am a mason, not a machinist, it works well for me.

Very cool mod. I like that a lot. Most people aren't moving it too often I bet. I'm not anyhow.
Great idea and something most of us could accomplish at a reasonable cost.
Very cool indeed, nice bit of engineering!

I'm a bit more simple,
Just two 1/2" thick blocks of wood under the left front and back casters.
Drains nicely that way
Looks like you could move all that to the inside and reduce your footprint back to original.

Yes, I considered that, but was thinking it might make the griddle a bit unstable. Probably should have tried it to find out for sure. (Plus, I would be kicking them every time I got near it.)
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Great idea! All the way into 2020šŸ˜
Since I live in a more frigid environment, I roll my griddle into the opened garage door to allow for airflow, but to keep out of the elements (and the elements off my griddle - at the beach and the salt air is lethal to ANYTHING outside)šŸ˜‚. Everything is not level there, so this modification will allow me to keep the griddle protected inside, but quickly and efficiently roll it into place when needed! Thanks so much .. great idea!!