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Mar 28, 2013
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After years of cooking on various pellet grills, Webers, and PK's, I wanted to try something different and I was really intriqued by the Argentine style and Santa Maria grills. The cost of higher end Argentine grills would never pass the WAF (wife acceptance factor) and nobody within a 5-6 hr drive of me sells Santa Maria style grills.

I found a used 18" Santa Maria attachment on FB marketplace made by Gabbys Grills that fits the Weber and gave it try. I made some chicken and then babybacks. The cooks were fun and for the first time in years, I really enjoyed the cooking process as I got to play with fire and food at the same time throughout the cook. However, the 18" was a little small and I wanted a more permanent solution than the Gabbys attachment sitting on 18" kettle.

I found a 1993 Stainless Steel Weber Performer with a nice red kettle for $80 and I ordered a new 22" Gabbys Grills attachment. Before I ordered, I emailed Gabbys and asked how long it take to receive and I was told it would be here the next day. I ordered a 22" attachment and it was here the next day via UPS just like they said. The quality of the attachments is top notch - all welded heavy duty steel and the customer service was great by Gabbys. It fits perfectly on my very old (but new to me) Weber Performer and makes for nice semi-permanent Santa Maria solution. Looking forward to giving it a run this weekend.


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I have a Weber Kettle I haven't used in a couple of years sitting in the garage waiting for the day I get a Gabby's Grill.
I bought a 22" Gabby grill attachment a few years ago & due to numerous projects, I have yet to break it in. I think that will change over this 4 day weekend!