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Mister Bob

Babbling Farker
Jun 15, 2009
Scituate, RI
I got to talking to the mason contractor on a construction job I'm running in West Hartford, Connecticut, and we start talking about BBQ. He says, "you ought to come out to our place and check out the smoker, I think you'll get a kick out of it". He never even mentioned the pizza oven! Check this out!

The smokehouse


and the pizza oven

Beautiful!!!!! - I wonder if he had some plans or just built it from his own ideas, either way it is a beautiful and functional piece of construction.
Looks great, will look even better in 20 yrs!
It reminds me of buildings from the industrial revolution here in the UK that one comes across in the woods and can only guess what they were once for. Great.
Btw my neighbour built a great BBQ house (parilia) in his garden, I get jealous whenever I look at it!