Aside from our seasoned veterans and experienced cooks and teams, we encourage all our members to Compete. Over time, as members grow and mature as BBQ chefs within the Brethren, those that have shown an interest, a passion and abilities, as well as the pride that comes with our beloved pig, will fly our flag as a Brethren. We currently have 6 teams flying our colors.

The BBQ Brethren Flagship Team

Brothers in Smoke

Pit Master - Phil Rizzardi

Rob Fernandez

Steve xxxxx

Big Fellas BBQ Team

Pitmaster - Greg Smith


Southern Brethren

Pitmaster - Dave Little


Belly Bros

Pitmaster - Gary Walkup


SpiceWine Iron works

Pitmaster - Jay Cumin


Smokin Cracker

Pitmaster - Jimmy Brodo


Mr. Smoker BBQ Team

Pit master - Dick Lee

Mr Smoker



2004 Grill Kings 1st Ribs, 1st chicken, 5th Brisket,7th Port Best Overall Score. Non Sanctioned GC.

2004 Podunk Ct, St.Ch. 1st chicken, 2nd Brisket - 3rd Overall

2004 GuitarBQue, Asbury Park NJ, St.Ch. 1st Brisket, 2nd Chicken, 5th ribs, 7th Pork, 4th overall.

2005 Grill Kings NY St Ch. 1st pork, 5th brisket, 7th chicken, 4rd overall.

2005 GuitarBque Asbury Park NJ St. Ch. 2nd chicken, 2nd Birsket, 3rd overall.

2005 Highland NY St. Ch. SPANKED!! . 5th in Brisket, thats it. :(