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  1. S

    Cook Time for Boneless vs Bone-in Turkey Breast on WSM

    Good morning all How much extra time should I add when smoking a bone-in turkey breast versus a boneless one on my WSM? Normally, I would sue 35 minutes per pound for boneless. The one I have is 6.7 pounds and I am planning on serving it around 6pm for dinner Thanks
  2. B

    Dry Rub Side Ribs

    Fantastic stuff. 3-2-1 method on my WSM 18". Membrane on. Mesquite smoke. Some rub into the wrap, but not much. I prefer sides to backs. The less work, the better.
  3. S

    Just bought a Weber Smokey Mountain (18")

    I bought it on FB Marketplace. It is in immaculate condition, as close to brand new as one could imagine :clap2: I paid $120! He made a few mods and also included a few extras. I did my very first cook last - St Louis spare ribs. It took a while to get used to how to manage the temp, but after...
  4. 1

    New Puppy Brisket Cook - pics, too

    No, I did not smoke a Puppy Brisket... but a beef brisket to celebrate a new pup:icon_smile_tongue:. - 15 lb choice from wild fork - Used my 18" WSM (though I'd really like a Humphreys) with B&B Briq - Generic honey mustard slather with Oakridge Comp rub and a little extra kosher salt - smoked...
  5. motoeric

    Pit Barrel WSM Hanging System

    Were you aware that the Pit Barrel Cooker company has a hanging system for the 18" WSM? If you weren't, now you know! I'm going to preface this by saying I love Weber. They have excellent customer service, I have one of each size of WSM, I have two Weber Performers and a gasser and I have a...
  6. T

    Father's day brisket

    Started this brisket Friday evening about 9:00. We were at the lake it was pretty windy and I was experimenting a bit as I changed several of the things I normally do. Ended up staying up all night with my chair next to the smoker monitoring temps with my Maverick unit. It was an interesting...
  7. Papa Don

    6 Spares on the WSM

    Seasoned 6 spare ribs, st. Louis cut, last night. Olive oil Kosher salt Goya red top Lemon pepper Garlic powder I don’t like BBQ rub on my ribs. Sitting here watching the bird feeders thinking, “I should start this cook”; 8:15am.
  8. T

    Temperature Controller for Two WSMs?

    Does anyone make a temperature controller that will control temperature for two WSMs at the same time? I'd love a controller that had two fan connectors, 2 grate temperature probes, and 4 meat temperature probes.
  9. sincitydisciple01

    Wrap pork butt during overnight cook

    For years I’ve wrapped pork butts during cooking. But I think this weekend I’m going to do an overnight cook for the first time. For folks that cook overnight, do you get up halfway to wrap, or do you just let it go all night/morning unwrapped? I don’t think I’ve ever cooked a butt w/o...
  10. West River BBQ

    UDS or WSM?

    I'm thinking of adding a smoker to the arsenal, one that is fairly easy to transport. I've narrowed my choices to the Weber Smokey Mountain (probably the 22") and a drum smoker. I'd probably build the drum from a Big Poppa kit. Any thoughts on the pros and cons of each? Thanks and happy smoking.
  11. 3

    Advice Please!

    I am going to attempt to cook 9 full racks of Baby Backs on the WSM 22.5in. My plan was to put 5 in a rib rack on the top, 4 in a rib rack on the bottom using the 3-2-1 method. When foiled, I was going to put the four that were on the bottom on the top rack to promote “even cooking”. Then switch...

    Can I completely remove WSM water pan and cook UDS style?

    I'm not talking about hanging meat. I'm simply wondering if I can just eliminate the water pan altogether and let the delicious drips flavor the meat as they hit the coals before, ala UDS flavor theory. I never cook with water anyways.
  13. C

    Timing on pellet smoker

    Hi all, I have a question about timing for my pellet smoker. I currently have a Green Mountain Grills Daniel Boone and cooked a 7.5# pork butt yesterday. It took longer than I thought it would. I started it at 8 am at 275 F and by 5pm it was only at 174F. When I’ve done them on my WSM it didn’t...
  14. J

    WSM 22” half heat shield for both indirect and direct?

    Hi everyone! This may be my first post but you all have made my que so much better. Thank you! I had a question wasn’t sure if anyone has tried. I’m doing a brisket and 2 butts tmw for the fourth. I like to cook my butts direct over the charcoal to approximate NC style so the drippings render...
  15. B

    How to burn logs in WSM like Santa Maria Grill

    This is quite possibly the easiest grill hack ever. Inspiration hit me one day when I was adding fuel to my WSM and realized I had access to the bottom grate through the door but it's so obvious, I doubt I'm the first one to do it. (if anybody else has been doing this, let me know and I'll...
  16. M

    Mini WSM Build From Weber Smokey Joe ( COMPLETE BUILD ) Mini WSM Build From Weber Smokey Joe ( COMPLETE BUILD ) I found a Weber Smokey Joe on Facebook for only $3. I didn't really need it but I couldn't not buy it. Sooooo..... when I got it home I was like, what am I going to do with this thing? After some googling I...
  17. M

    Weber kettle and WSM Family shirt and sticker

    Okay, I am always on the look out for cool BBQ shirts or stickers, and I finally found something to slap on the back of my truck. It's like of all those dumb Stick Family bumper stickers I see on the back of every van, but this one is for me and my WEBERS!!! just select the sticker option...
  18. M

    Just snagged this Weber Smokey Joe on FB marketplace for $3 and turned it into a mini WSM

    Boom! I cut out the entire bottom of the stock pot, using the disk as the heat deflector, have a drip pan under the cooking grate. So far so good, holding rock steady at 250 for the past hour. Will kick it up to 350 for another few hours to burn off any coatings etc... than prolly toss some...
  19. S

    First attempt at spare ribs on WSM

    Hey guys, this is my first attempt at spare ribs on the WSM 18.5. Am using Gary Wiviott's Low & Slow 1 Chapter 4. I do just have one question regarding grate temperature. In the beginning and the end of the cook, the average difference between lid and grate temperature is about 20F. But...
  20. J

    New Guy from STL

    Greetings from St. Louis! Long time lurker, first time poster. I grill most weekdays on an older LP Weber Spirit 700. I've tried my hand at smoking, but with only an ECB (the one without the bottom) and a holey Weber kettle, I haven't had great results. I'm debating on just waiting to get a WSM...