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    Cobb Pron: Stuffed Leg of Lamb (& mushroom caps)

    Broke out the Cobb on Saturday to make something for the Ultimate PRON Throwdown. Deboned a leg of lamb and stuffed it with figs, feta cheese, garlic, and lovage (magi) and oregano from the garden. Rolled it up and trussed it with lots of twine. Mandarin peel to help hold the stuffing in...
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    Cobb Meal - Carmelized Shallots, Chicken (& Apple Cobbler)

    Fired up the Cobb on Sunday. Made Grilled Chicken, Carmelized Shallots and Apple Cobbler with 11 briquettes. Plus microwaved spaghetti squash. (Apples and squash from the garden.) This cook used 3 different Cobb accessories — frypan, grill and rack. First on were the shallots as the frypan...
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    Cobb Meal - Chicken, Prawns, Naan Bread

    Meant to post these pix last week.... Here's a meal I cooked on the Cobb on the Labor Day holiday. The Cobb's only got a 10" diameter cooking surface so you really have to plan things out. This meal used 8 briquettes. Started off with Naan Bread, which was entered in last week's Bread...
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    Project "HUMPTY" — Kamado/BGE Restoration, Vancouver, Canada

    A huge Thank You to all the experts on here, you've all inspired me big time!!! OK, here's the scoop.... Got myself a BGE/Kamado from CraigsList up here in Vancouver, Canada. It's at least 30 years old, according to the original owner. This is my first ceramic cooker. Any Kamado / BGE...