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ugly drum smoker

  1. andre2955

    Consideration of UDS Build

    Greetings Brethren: I'm considering a UDS build. I currently use a large BGE and am after more cooking surface area and more portability. Can those who have built a UDS recommend a hardware kit?
  2. T

    My build so far (UDS)

    Here is my build of my UDS so far. After one burn I decided to sand blast since my family owns a rental company it was free. Still has some work needed but mainly just parts. I'll paint it maybe later.
  3. M

    Tucker's UDS Builds (#001 - #002)

    I finally bit the bullet and decided to make an attempt at building a few Ugly Drum Smokers (UDS), while waiting for some shop time to build a couple of Gravity Fed Dual Pan Cabinet Smokers off of some SmokeBuilder plans that we purchased. Seems those gravity fed smokers might end up being a...
  4. D

    Flat top vs. Kettle top UDS

    Hey everyone I have a question for those that have built a few UDSs. Between keeping the original drum lid and using the kettle lid which would you recommend and why. And to keep things easier let's assume the kettle lid fits snug on the UDS. I'm thinking the kettle lid would be better just...
  5. B

    My First UDS Build! (with Photos)

    For about the last year I have become interested in BBQing and decided it was time to try smoking. For the past month or so I have been scanning these forums to get ideas for my build. Finally I gathered my thoughts, made a plan and went to town. Tonight I finished my little project and can't...
  6. N

    Ugly Drum Smoker - Food Grade Liner

    Just got a free barrel that held pear juice and it has a liner. Do I need to burn/sand that out or can I just season over it? Thanks, Jes
  7. T

    UDS Part Deaux

    Built a 2nd UDS for a guy who saw mine. I told him he could build one, but he wanted me to. This is a UGA themed one. Has handmade no-weld charcoal basket, adjustable shelving rack, bottle opener, and the adjustable intake vents on the side.
  8. C

    Good day from Ontario , Canada

    I found this site while I was looking into building a smoker, and I found the massive UDS thread. Talk about a lot of reading, and lots of help too. I like what I have seen so far and look forward to becoming an active brother in the BBQ brethren. I bbq with a webber , don't know the model but...
  9. N

    Plans for UDS #3

    Gents, I'm working on planning out my 3rd UDS build. All the helpful posts on the BBQ Brethren got me through my first two builds. Thanks to everyone who posted their builds and information on this site!! :clap2: To date, I have not made any posts on this site and figured it was time I return...
  10. N

    UDS Build - How about a little Ugly Drum Smoker action?!?!

    Been reading a ton on this site the past six months and decided to just rock the house on one of these UDS builds. I'll do a bio in the proper forum as to what got me into smoking and all that good stuff when I get time. Just know this.. I have a passion for smoking food and brewing beer! =) I...
  11. sincitydisciple01

    Wings on a drum?

    My wife's company is holding it's first annual employee BBQ competition. In addition to the 4 standard turn ins, they are doing a People's Choice contest the night before the comp. Each team will receive 20 pounds of wings to prepare as they see fit and then sell to the folks wandering around...
  12. M

    UDS Build Plans, Parts List, and Ideas

    I was hoping to build a UDS this weekend and wanted to get some plans, part lists, or other ideas. I know that we have that giant UDS thread but I was hoping (if we don't already have it) we make a thread that simply has links to plans and part lists to build one. Maybe even your favorite...
  13. H

    HookedOnQ's U.D.S Build(pic heavy)

    Well finally got some time to work on my uds today and made pretty good progress. I strayed away from the KISS method pretty far on my build but im only $150 bucks in on it so far and a lotta time but its been fun and its built the way i want it.. I will post more pics as i complete the build I...
  14. W

    My No Thrills UDS Build is Complete!

    Well,'s smoking (seasoning) right now so I can cook next weekend! I went with a $3 pizza pan from WalMart and a turkey fryer basket for my charcoal and ash catcher. Two Weber 22.5" grates and the flat/sealed top for my lid until I find a dome lid. She's gloss black and needs...
  15. sincitydisciple01

    iQue on my drum

    Bought an iQue a few weeks ago. Not as slick as some of the higher end units, but thought it would be worth a try. While playing with it, I realized I didn't really have a good place to hang it on my drum. Handles have round corners and I didn't want to hang it from the thermometer. The...
  16. T


    I keep reading about how much you guys love UDS and how excited you guys are. Where do you get these drums from? Junkyards, do you special order them? I don't know much about it. All I do know is I WANT IN! Someone fill me in it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  17. HeSmellsLikeSmoke

    Ugly Drum Smoker Photo Gallery

    Let's all post pron of our UDS build in one, easy to find, thread. A couple of pics and a short description and a link to your original post would be very helpful to all who are building a new UDS and are looking for ideas. I'll start: Stainless Drum, Big Green Egg draft door, WSM grate w/...
  18. V

    UDS - First Attempt

    Greetings All, I am looking to construct my first UDS and have a few novice builder questions... 1. What method do you all find to be the most accurate at taking at the grate temps? I have heard of the probe in the potato trick but are there others. 2. I have seen a couple of design for the...
  19. sampson

    The invasion continues...

    Another UDS is born, here's some pics of my new baby! Thanks to whoever it was that put this template on the site. I took the pdf to a printer and had it blown up and laminated. Made all the measuring unnecessary. A bit of a burn out. I mean the drum, not me! A fella tends to get a bit...
  20. N8man

    Rednecked Ugly Drum Smoker

    Brethren, I have finished my version of the Drum Smoker and present it to the world..... My daddy took a look at it and asked what kind of fancy corn squeezin' I was fixin' to make? I was gonna season 'er up but a big ol' thunderstorm just blew in and since getting this metal in my head, I'm...