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uds diffuser

  1. B

    Preferred UDS Charcoal Basket?

    So far, I've found a drum and have taken the Norco approach and have the grates at 1.75" and 8" from the top. I'm also borrowing the 2" aluminum strip idea to adopt a 22.5" Weber lid. I thought I had the charcoal basket all figured out but now I'm probably making it much more complicated than...
  2. J

    Building my first UDS

    Thanks to the knowledge I've gained from the UDS MEGA thread, I've decided to build my first UDS. By Saturday, I'll have a new open-head drum, top w/ 2" and 3/4" bungs. Rust inhibitor coating which should be easy to get out. My construction plans are: 3 - 3/4" close pipe nipples 2" from...
  3. P

    My new CPDR pics

    CPDR = Clay Pot Diffuser Rack Didn't like the clay pot diffuser setting on top of the charcoal basket. Felt like it would be too hot and block the air flow. Gave me an excuse to practice some welding.
  4. E

    My UDS charcoal basket "breakthrough"

    Since I've finally finished my UDS, I got the chance to test my theory for an "O" shaped fire basket (as mentioned in the mother thread: I put a small roll of expanded steel in the middle of my basket. Did a top-down Minion...