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trailer build

  1. G

    Is it possible to trailer a build later?

    Hey all, I am currently having a 120 gallon traditional built. It will be on casters for now, I think I can still change it. I was wondering what thoughts are of being able to trailer it at a later date myself? it may just be more beneficial for me to buy another smoker and either A) sell this...
  2. J

    First Concession Trailer Setup - Looking for Help

    Hello All, I have been a long time reader on this site, but never an active poster. I just finished up my first BBQ Concession events over the past couple months and I am now ready to move on from the borrowed trailer, to my own. This is where you come in. I need some help/advice with the set...
  3. P

    Firebox decision for build

    I'm having a new trailer smoker built and I'm stuck on choosing a 1/2 inch all around square firebox or 1/4 inch (air gap) insulated square firebox. Putting a warmer on top with a damper in between to use for smaller cooks. The box would be a 24x24x24. Any suggestions or concerns you could throw...
  4. P

    My new trailer build is about to commence!!

    So first off let me just say hello and thank you for all your help In advance. I've been researching and rebuilding this thing over and over again in my head. Now that it's about to move to the building phase, I'd like to share my dimensions and see what you all think. Main chamber 24x54...
  5. Smokin' Greene

    My 1st Build took 8 months

    I have completed my 1st ground up build. I did have some help along the way. Borrowed a lot of ideas from the internet. This is what I came up with. She cooks like a dream! Main chamber is 24"x60"x.375 new steel pipe. Fire box is 24'x24"x.375 steel pipe encased within 3/16" steel box. Fire box...
  6. Twelvegaugepump

    Continued Build Progress

    My trailer build has been going a lot slower than I planned, but work has been busy and my two main helpers are busy pipefitters as well. Here is where we were in Feb. We made some progress over the past two months and then we really...