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  1. J

    First Concession Trailer Setup - Looking for Help

    Hello All, I have been a long time reader on this site, but never an active poster. I just finished up my first BBQ Concession events over the past couple months and I am now ready to move on from the borrowed trailer, to my own. This is where you come in. I need some help/advice with the set...
  2. Hotch

    Texas Fall BBQ Brethren Bash 2017 Picture Post

    I'll go ahead and get this picture post started today! :clap: We'll see you guys soon!!! :mrgreen:
  3. T

    Texas BBQ...I've looked

    I've searched the threads and it seems there are some posts about Texas BBQ. Seeing how Franklin has some good que, and his wife is from my town, I have tried it, stood in line and whatnot. Tyler's BBQ here in town is really good and Tyler is a nice guy. My question is, What is Texas BBQ and BBQ...
  4. J

    Austin BBQ Trip

    Hello everyone-first post and I wanted to ask the masses about best places in Austin to get Bbq. I know Franklins is one of the best, anyone have other recommendations?
  5. R

    How To Cook A Yak Brisket

    We're picking up a couple yak briskets from a yak ranch in Weatherford Texas for our next pop up restaurant. Looking for advice on how to cook these cuts as this is our first go at yak.
  6. A

    New guy from Texas

    Hello from Texas! I was recently introduced to indirect smoking with my Weber kettle. After a few racks of ribs, turkey breasts, pork butts, and a [failed] brisket, I got hooked on smoking meat! Wanting to take the plunge and get a "real" smoker lead me to these forums and the discovery of the...
  7. Q*bert

    Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew - Austin, TX

    Having already visited Franklin BBQ in Austin, I wanted to try another spot I'd heard good things about. Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew is in the Brentwood neighborhood of Austin & is located in a renovated portion of a strip mall. There's plenty of parking & outdoor seating available. I got there at...
  8. BrewerDJ

    Into Austin, Out of Houston

    Hey guys, I'm going to Austin next week for a brewers convention. Staying a few extra days and planning on going to a few:twisted: breweries and BBQ places. I'm thinking about heading down to San Antonio and then heading for Houston. I've been searching through threads and decided to make a...
  9. S

    Hello from San Antonio

    Hello to everyone. I'm the new guy from the San Antonio area. I have an old smoker I inherited from my Dad when he died, and I'm here to try to figure out how to use it. It appears to be a New Braunfels Smoker (New Braunfels is the next town over from me...). Not really asking any...
  10. R

    John Mueller Meat Company Prepares To Open In East Austin

    The saga continues. John Mueller, the old school barbecue legend from Taylor Texas is about to get back in the game. After his unceremonial departure from JMueller BBQ last Autumn he regrouped, took the lay of the land and is preparing to open a new food trailer in East Austin where he first...
  11. G

    Contest Announcment Irving Elks Lodge BBQ Cook-off

      FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22 &23, 2013 $3,000.00 GUARANTEED MONEY PAYOUT ON TOP TEN PLACES Who's all coming out for this event? :clap2: Irving Tx See: for more info.
  12. Bigmista

    Headed to Galveston, TX

    We leave tomorrow headed to Galveston to see my Mom and grandmother. We're actually flying into Austin and driving to Galveston so hopefully we will stop and get some great BBQ along the way. Plan to meet up with Against the Grain and have a beer or three while I'm there. Any other brethren...