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sweet seduction

  1. smoke ninja

    Simply marvelous head to head: cherry vs sweet seduction

    I've used these two rubs in conjunction with one another for ribs a few times but never separate. Today's cook was to discern the difference between the 2. I lightly slathered each half rack with molasses and seasoned each respective portion and then let the racks sweet until the rub was...
  2. R2Egg2Q

    Simply Marvelous Pork Steaks

    After seeing Groundhog66 cook up some awesome looking pork steaks with Simply Marvelous Sweet & Spicy, this cook climbed way up on the "To Do" list. Today I seasoned a couple of pork steaks (on left Sweet & Spicy, on right Sweet & Spicy AND Sweet Seduction): After cooked to 142-143 IT they...