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    Wanting to connect with fellow meat cookers , talking about pits, smokers , trades or parts , networkIng ??? Drinking? My family owns a bar and we have big gatherings sometimes lol. In StL , idk if a page or thread exists for here but looking to get something going. Need a secret parts place.
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    BBQ Gremlins???

    Hello, I am a long time follower of this forum and have learned a lot from reading the various topics concerning BBQing in general. Here's my current issue... I have the large Weber Smokey Mountain, I generally put about a half a bag of Kingsford charcoal in it, along with 4 fist size pieces...
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    First 4 days with R2-BQ, lots of questions. w/pron

    So, this was my 3rd ever cook on my new UDS, second time cooking ribs. The first cook of 2 racks of spare ribs turned into a horror movie. Attempted to use the 3-2-1 method the first time, and ruined 2 racks. Burnt to a crisp, even though the temp was a steady 230 the entire cook. Tonight, the...