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  1. D

    “Lazy Man Meals” and “SPAM Cook-Off” TD Entries - Green Eggs and Spam

    Would you eat Green Eggs and SPAM in a house? With the above throwdowns going on I saw the possibility for the coveted “Twofer” Entry so here it is. Started out by assembling most of my Lazy ingredients: Then minced up some cilantro. Crack 2 eggs and pour some egg whites into a bowl and...
  2. SmokinJohn

    EATS Pita

    So here is my entry for the Spam TD: The EATS (Egg, Avocado, Tomato, and Spam) Pita! We start with Tocino flavored Spam (It is supposed to have a pork belly-like flavor) Slice it thin.... Place it in a pan with water. Put it outside on the gasser. Did I mention we're having rain out...
  3. SmokinJohn

    Spam Pron

    Good morning Brethren! I was in Maui last week, and Mrs SJ said I had to unplug. Only two food pics: Here is one..... Guess whose bag got yanked by TSA Screeners? The other will appear in another forum.
  4. bigabyte

    5-Tin SPAM Brownies!

    I thought I would give this recipe it's own thread to make it easier for people to find using the search feature. Yes, that's right, this recipe has FIVE loaves of SPAM in it. It is designed for those true SPAM connoisseurs who believe that there is no such thing as too much SPAM. The...
  5. bigabyte

    SPAM Fish!

    I think at this point, I have posted this in so many threads that it will probably be tagged as SPAM.:roll: So I was at Sam's Club last night when I saw a bag full of fresh frozen, gutted and scaled Tilapia.:shock: I figured this was more than a coincidence that I just so happened to find fish...
  6. bigabyte

    BBQ Brethren "Summer of SPAM" Throwdown!

    In honor of Meat Burner's already legendary "Great SPAM Revelation of 2011", and also to recognize some of the really impressive recent SPAM creations inspired by this event, and because gtr gave me the idea, I hereby declare the... "Summer of SPAM!!!" Meat Burner's very own SPAM creation that...
  7. bigabyte

    Mad Science Experiment - Spammy Dean Fatty

    I was going to wait on this little project until the weekend. However, seeing as how today has sucked so bad, I think I'll start on it tonight. It seems appropriate. I smoked some Spam a number of months back and enjoyed it quite a bit. I have actually smoked some Spam a couple of times...
  8. bigabyte

    Mad Science Experiment - Spam

    Since I started down the road of BBQ, I have come to appreciate a great number of delicious foods which previously I never even dreamed possible. Pulled Pork was an entirely new thing to me and is now an all time favorite. Then I heard about people ccoking up Bologna in their smokers and it is...