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smoker care

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    Gifted a New Braunfels 'El Dorado' Smoker, setup ideas?

    So far I think that from what I can tell from the internet, I'm missing a drip pan for the smoker box, and a fire rack for the fire box. Are these items truly necessary? Should I start a fire on the metal box itself? Or will that ruin the smoker over time? I'm guessing I can get away with...
  2. O

    Pros/Cons of stainless steel smoker interior

    I am planning on buying vertical smoker from Meadow Creek (BX50). There is this option for "Stainless Steel Interior" priced at $750.00. Does stainless steel interior have any advantages/disadvantages? I would think it requires more care after each use? I will be using this smoker mainly for...
  3. C

    Who Manufactured This Smoker?

    Want to buy this smoker from a friend but he is unsure what brand or wo manufactured the smoker. Have Backyard Classics on the front logo but that's about it. Do any of you guys know who it's manufactured by? Pic attached.
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    Smoked Fish

    Has anyone smoked fish on their Bradley Smoker? The owner of a local deli advised that doing fish on the smoker can create an unpleasant bitter/sour flavor in your smoker that will carry over into everything you smoke. Does anyone know if this is true? I really want to smoke some salmon but I do...