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    Cooking up a chicken i one of my weber otg 22.5 today using a smokenator. Chicken stuffed with minced veal, mortadella, rosemary, thyme, parsly, ricotta and some other stuff. Basted with hot evoo (spiced it up using some homegrown chili) some more fresh herbs and finally covered in pancetta...
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    Tri tip (pics)

    I grilled tri tip once before. I over cooked it and it was tough. I liked the idea that tri tip would give me the beefy flavor I craved but be something in between steak and brisket in terms of effort. I grabbed some left over brisket rub I had and tossed in a bit of cayenne. I haven't used...
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    Pork Chops - Smoke

    My first try at doing pork chops on my Weber Kettle Grill with Smokenator. In the Philippines, pork chops come with a lot of extra fat, just how they sell it here. I trim it off and render it for lard. You can see two of the slices of fat, one on the plate with the chops and and the other on...
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    Where to buy Hickory Chips - Las Vegas

    Hey guys, anyone in the Las Vegas area who can point me toward where to buy chips for smoking? I have a friend there that is sending over a box of "supplies" for some of his friends in the Philippines. He has a bit of room left in the box. I need to find a source of Hickory Chips or Cherry...
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    55 Gallon Drum Extension Ring?

    I have the Weber 22.5 OTG grill and a Smokenator 1000. I'm getting used to the Smokenator and like it. But the short comings of the set up in terms of size is hitting me quickly. I am making a "hover grill" out of an older grill grate that should fit under the dome. But I'd really like to...
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    Ribs Gone Wrong!

    Okay, admittedly I'm new to smoking ribs. My first smoke was pretty dry and tough. My second smoke was nice and juicy. So today was my third smoke. We get two racks of ribs, one of them fairly large by Philippine standards. I'm going for Meathead Goldwyn's Pig Candy, so I follow his...
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    Multi-Tasking the Weber

    I have a Weber 22.5 OTG grill that I am using for grilling and smoking, shortly I will be getting a Kettle Pizza insert to use it for a semi-wood fired pizza. My problem right now is the smoking side. I have a Smokenator 1000 insert which I like because it keeps direct heat off the meat. But...