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shameless pron

  1. SmokinJohn

    Friday Night Filet with PRON!

    Good evening! So we start with a 5 pound whole loin..... Trim trim here, trim trim there.... Just needs a little bacon..... Looks like a flat iron, but it's not.... ...a little seasoning (JK Western Pride for the rounds and Weber Chicago for the flat) and a quick trip to the...
  2. Grafixgibbs

    Sunday Ribs & Monday Supper (PRON)

    This weekend I made some ribs. Harris Teeter had a sale of buy one get one free on ribs and I couldn't resist. I decided to try a different rub that had a Moroccan flavor to it. The rub smelled good and I thought it would work well but I was mistaken. Don't get me wrong, the ribs weren't awful...