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  1. D

    Paella de Mariscos on the Kamado

    I’ve wanted to try this for some time and finally got up the nerve to do it. Yep I’m hosting a Paella Party! Which a pretty full house of guests (10 total) coming I hope it turns out well. Now, after surfing the Web I came to realize that there is no one recipe to follow as everyone did...
  2. JMSetzler

    Orange-Honey Glazed Shrimp Skewers (w/pix)

    I fired up my Kamado Joe Classic this evening to try out one of the recipes in Chris Lilly's new "Fire & Smoke" book. The recipe was titled "Yuzu Shrimp Skewers" but I was unable to find Yuzu juice at my local markets. I substituted orange juice in its place and the results were OUTSTANDING...
  3. JMSetzler

    Bourbon Honey Citrus Smoked Salmon

    I have been looking forward to smoking some fish for quite a while now. I picked up a nice looking salmon filet at Sam's Club yesterday. I also wanted to incorporate some Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey into the recipe. The recipe I used in this video is based on one I found in the book "Slow...
  4. BBQ Grail

    Steelhead with Salmonberry Glaze

    I stop into my local supermarket this morning to pick up some salmon for dinner and left with steelhead instead. I guess, based on the paragraph above I did actually get salmon but since I've never grilled steelhead I figured I'd try something a little different. It really wasn't all that...
  5. T

    BBQ Smoked "crab" Babybacks!

    That's right! Welcome to the Big Crab Cake! I'm located in the heart of Maryland and I love BBQ Ribs No actual crab meat involved. That would be too much. I don't know if anyone on this site has ever attempted to, or thought of this concept... Old Bay Babyback Ribs. All I did is use...
  6. P

    Smoked Oysters for Father's Day

    Planning to get a bushel of oysters to steam and smoke them. Going to use two webbers (18" and 22") to steam them, and a UDS to smoke them. Does anyone have any experience doing that? Couple of questions: What the best way to smoke them? A. Steam>shuck>throw on the UDS? B. Throw on...