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  1. martyleach

    I just love Rueben Sammies!

    Here is a picture of the remaining Rueben that resulted from yesterday's Pastrami cook. I was lucky to grab enough of the Pastrami to make a sandwich....... darn family! Traditional grilled sandwich on rye with swiss cheese, Sauerkraut, Thousand Island Dressing and a big helping of Pastrami...
  2. martyleach

    Pastrami so moist I just might die......

    Oh, I love Pastrami but have never made it myself. So, my wife got a Corned Beef and wanted to boil it in the juice in the bag. I said wait a minute, I am trying to watch my sodium intake so how about I take care of this one.... So, I soaked it in a big pan of water with a chopped up potato...