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rub help

  1. B

    We All Love Rubbing Meat...But With What?

    Hey Guys! So I have a few "signature" rubs of my own but I'm currently working on developing more and perfecting my originals. Not asking for recipes but you are more than welcome to share, I'm asking more of HOW you make yours. What ratios of salt and sugar do you use for different meats? Any...
  2. D

    Suggestions for spit roasting entire 100 lb calf

    Last summer some buddies and I cooked an entire 75 lb lamb in a buried pit. Came out perfect. This year we are open spit-roasting an entire 100 lb calf. Can't find much online regarding calf roasting. Looking for suggestions on cook times, rubs/marinates, or any other practical suggestions...
  3. B

    What was your "starter" rib rub?

    I've used the Oakridge Dominator rub with good results and it will likely become something I keep on hand regularly, but I'd like to go back to experimenting and having scoured old posts plus the web, I'm curious as to what "base" rubs people have used to build off of or how people have combined...
  4. bigabyte

    Spice Matrix

    I was digging through some old folders/files and ran across this. Thought maybe someone out there might find it useful if they are somewhat new and trying to formulate their own rub. That is what started this little file for me anyways. It is a matrix of spices, indicating which ones go...