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reverse flow smoker

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    Johnson Custom Smoker Firebox

    I'm curious how easy/difficult it is to clean out the firebox after a cook. Any current or former owners of these RF cookers have any thoughts? I really like the looks of both the Johnsons and LSGs (with a square firebox). It strikes me that the square firebox would be immensely easier to...
  2. C

    500 Gallon Reverse Flow Build w/ 2" Insulated Warmer/Fire Box

    So after years of drooling over everyone else's builds, taking mental notes here and there on my favorite features, I'm building my own(well having someone do the welding for me)! Next major parts to get done are the reverse flow baffle, shelves, counter balance for doors, handles, ball valves...
  3. Z

    Happiness is a Tight Pit! Testing All Stainless Magnum Sniper and BBQ Vaults.

    Having a little fun with some solid stainless BBQ Vaults and Reverse Flow Magnum Sniper! Enjoy!
  4. G

    Cabinet smoker build...(reverse flo/insulated)

    Very little else to do on this one, she will be at powder coat next week. Here you can hear what they sound like when you close can't get that thud without it being built solid. (link below) You can also see a new change from the old style rope gasket to this new pin gasket. Easier...
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    Reverse flow UDS?

    Has any one ever experimented with building a reverse flow UDS? :cool:
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    **Today's Project** WeSterN SmOker

    Well this is what I did today. It is a smoker for my Dad. It will be a insulated reverse flow, medium size I don’t have the actual numbers in front of me right now tho. All out of 14guage metal, cross broke outer shell with some very nice chrome handles and this one will be powder coated as...