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  1. S

    New Braunfels Bandera Restoration

    Hello! First post here. I've been restoring a New Braunfels Bandera smoker and finally finished! I give you the Frankensmoker!!AmdnVQNGniCqgW6-pWKXGpJ9Xhkp!AmdnVQNGniCqgXL8lErHg8XpeB-E I picked this thing up for $100 and it needed a lot of work. There...
  2. G

    Imperial kamado repair/restoration

    Hey all, My friend has been fixing up a house for his aunt and I went to visit and see how it was going. When he showed me the back yard they had a beautiful kamado grill going unloved in the corner of the yard. I told him what it was and he said, "Oh really? I was going to throw it out. You can...
  3. R

    Weber Summit S-420 Restoration Advice (photos)

    Hello all, I recently picked up a second-hand Weber Summit S-420, and I'll be making it my pre-spring project to restore it to like-new condition. I don't have much experience with BBQ maintenance/restoration, so a little guidance would be most appreciated. I have no problem buying replacement...
  4. N

    Overhaul complete!

    Picked this up off of Craigslist for $100: A few hours with the angle grinder and a couple cans of paint later: Just need to smoke something now!
  5. Midnight Smoke

    Bandera Restoration

    Started the project, hope you all enjoy the progress. Liquid Wrench is your friend. Will post more as I go along. :wink:
  6. A

    New Braunfels Restoration and Mods w PRON!

    I bought this New Braunfels for $40 on Craigslist, researched the brand and type of smoker on BBQ Brethren before I bought it. A little rusty, a lean, but some character, right? Over the next few weeks I browsed BBQ Brethren and got tips on getting rid of rust, rust converter, and what type...
  7. DaveMW

    Restoring a 1987 Weber Kettle

    I was just given an old Weber kettle (3 daisy wheels on bottom) and was looking to restore it. Several questions come to mind if anyone can provide answers as I am a newbie at this. 1) Can't I prep the kettle (clean, sand etc) and just repaint the entire kettle with high temp (Rustoleum 1200...
  8. A

    New Braunfels Resto - Stripping inside of grill

    I found a New Braunfels on CL for $40! From what I've seen that is a sweet deal, but it does have some rust. It's either a Silver for Black Diamond, I don't know how to tell the difference but it has the pot warmer on top of the firebox. I've got it in pieces now to sand down the rust and...
  9. M

    Project "HUMPTY" — Kamado/BGE Restoration, Vancouver, Canada

    A huge Thank You to all the experts on here, you've all inspired me big time!!! OK, here's the scoop.... Got myself a BGE/Kamado from CraigsList up here in Vancouver, Canada. It's at least 30 years old, according to the original owner. This is my first ceramic cooker. Any Kamado / BGE...