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  1. M

    Grilleye Pro+ doesn't boot

    My GP+ won't boot, when I put the charging cable in, it tries to start then beeps and power cycles again. It repeats this loop every 3-5 seconds. Before I dish out for another device, has anyone had this issue, or does anyone know a fix? I know there are better web connected thermometers out...
  2. B

    Broken pipe underneath BBQ, need repair advice

    Not sure if this is the right place for this kind of question, but I am in need of help. We have a small Coleman portable BBQ that my mother in law tried to take down the other day. The small propane tank was still attached, the BBQ fell and snapped a pipe that leads to the burners. I have...
  3. G

    Imperial kamado repair/restoration

    Hey all, My friend has been fixing up a house for his aunt and I went to visit and see how it was going. When he showed me the back yard they had a beautiful kamado grill going unloved in the corner of the yard. I told him what it was and he said, "Oh really? I was going to throw it out. You can...
  4. F

    Weber Silver B Overhaul Refurbish Repair Cleaning

    I wanted to overhaul my weber and got some good cleaning tips from this board prior to starting. Here is the photo-progression of my weber genesis silver b overhaul. It was a complete knock down to the frame. After looking at the fotos I could've cleaned the side table a bit better so I went...
  5. N

    Big Green Egg rehab

    Hi folks. I just acquired this, which I think is a large BGE. $125. Going to try to whip it into shape. See the link: I was wondering what you think I should do (if anything) regarding the crack through part of the lid. Squish in some JB Weld?? I...
  6. A

    New Braunfels Resto - Stripping inside of grill

    I found a New Braunfels on CL for $40! From what I've seen that is a sweet deal, but it does have some rust. It's either a Silver for Black Diamond, I don't know how to tell the difference but it has the pot warmer on top of the firebox. I've got it in pieces now to sand down the rust and...
  7. M

    Project "HUMPTY" — Kamado/BGE Restoration, Vancouver, Canada

    A huge Thank You to all the experts on here, you've all inspired me big time!!! OK, here's the scoop.... Got myself a BGE/Kamado from CraigsList up here in Vancouver, Canada. It's at least 30 years old, according to the original owner. This is my first ceramic cooker. Any Kamado / BGE...