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  1. West River BBQ

    Reading List

    I know that any "what is the best..." question is fraught with difficulties, but I'm looking for suggestions for upping my BBQ skills. What books would you recommend?
  2. ButtBurner


    Hey guys- I want to buy a book on smoking etc. I have the Smoke and Spice book. It doesnt really have to have a lot of recipies, more of like a how to book with good info on the art I am looking at Myron Mixon's book, I thought I saw a book called "How to Start a Fire" or something like...
  3. F

    Required Reading

    After cooking with smoke, one of my favorite past times is reading. And usually when we here in NJ hit the weather where BBQ season is on the horizon, I start hitting the books to plan out 5-6 months of wonderful, wonderful, BBQ. So my question to everyone here: What are you reading, and what...
  4. Pyle's BBQ

    List of BBQ Books

    Some one in an earlier thread asked for a list of books about BBQ. I have a little time on my hands so I trolled through Amazon and found the list below. If Phil or one of the mods could make this a sticky, it would help out the new members with building their BBQ library. If I have missed a...