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  1. B

    Assassin 17 size questions

    I just ordered my assassin 17 today. I'm trying to figure out if i should change it to a 24. I cook a lot for family and friends but never more than 3 briskets and maybe some ribs or chicken. Is the 17 the right size. I ordered it with an extra rack. so it will have 4 racks. I think that's big...
  2. O

    Rib/chix racks

    In tonight's BBQ Pitmasters show they all seemed to use an inverted rack to hold their fish. Does anybody know where they got them, they didn't look like Bradley Racks.
  3. C

    Quarter, Half & Full Racks of spares

    So got to talking with some folks this week & the discussion turned to rib portions - specifically from St. Louis cut spares. Everyone agreed on what a full rack is - that's every bone on the rack. There was also general agreement on a quarter rack being 3 bones. That lead to a debate on...