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    Smoked sausage for 80

    I am cooking for a party of 80. I am doing the following: 1.Pulled pork sandwiches with sauce 2.Smoked sausage bites 3.Potato salad 4.Green beans 5.Mini cinnamon rolls My question is, how many pounds of sausage should I need? This is the first time I am doing the sausage, so new territory...
  2. C

    GMG ribs

    Hi All, I have a couple questions and need some help. I recently smoked some baby backs and they came out dry. My family wasn't happy with my efforts. I'm using a GMG Daniel Boone pellet smoker. It was set at 225 F for about 2 hours, then double wrapped in foil with butter and brown sugar...
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    Question for Weber Spirit ii e-210 owners

    Hi everyone, I'm about to buy a Spirit ii e-210. I read that flareups are well controlled on this grill. Although that's a nice feature, there are often times when I want to create controlled fire (eg. for torching the fat on the edge of steaks). For those of you who have used this model, Are...
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    First smoke with GMG Daniel Boone

    Howdy all, I just purchased a Daniel Boone pellet smoker and had a couple questions about using it. I've used a WSM before buying this pellet smoker. I wanna cook some ribs for the family I've been promising since the weather is warming up here. 1. How long should I let them go for? In my WSM I...
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    1st build and I have a question for a veteran

    Hey guys, I am doing my first BBQ trailer build, really my first ever build. I joined the site to get info and ideas, and I found out this is going to be a fun build. My plan is to make a twin tank system 60-gallon air compressor cooking tank with a 30-gallon air compressor tank fire box...
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    Hi - I'm new to the site

    Hi - I'm looking to build my first UDS. I've done some research already, but because I'm looking to do something a little different, I've got 8 specific Qs for the gurus out there on my first post on Q-Talk, which is still waiting for clearance. Looking forward to learning more, and can't wait...
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    Catering Company wants me to Cater BBQ meats

    Need some advice from those that do this regularly--- Catering company has contacted me and requested that I "prepare" the meat that they offer on their bbq catering menu. They want the meat prepared and presented to them ready to serve (meaning hot). They have requested a "per person" price...
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    Another UDS question

    I am about to start constructing my first UDS and have a question: Is the water pan necessary or even useful? I've been reading the forums and it seem like most people use them. I would rather just use a diffuser and not worry about the water if I don't need to. I will post some pics of my...
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    First Brisky (Saturday) Questions

    Well brethren, first off thanks for all the help so far throughout my BBQ infancy. I've done some stupid stuff but I've learned from it and made some good tasting Que. My local Sam's Club got in some CAB Choice packer briskets (they normally only have trimmed flats). So I picked up the best one...
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    FIRST PORK BUTT advice/help/suggestions?

    Hey all, so far I've just played around with chicken thighs and sausages on my Char-Griller SP, but tomorrow morning I'm doing my first Pork Butt. I'm gettin a little pre-cook anxiety so I need your help! I got a 7.5 lb boneless butt cause that's what they had at the store. I've marinated...