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pulled beef

  1. R2Egg2Q

    Big Farking Pulled Beef Sammich

    There's a "Big Farking Sammich" throwdown on now so it was sammich time. I had a 4 lb chuck roast so I went with a version of the standard Pepper Stout Beef recipe (except I used Sapporo Black lager instead of a stout): Since the sammich is supposed to be big I needed a bigger than normal...
  2. captjoe06

    First Low and Slow Session On The PK360 4 Lb Chuckie For Pulled Beef Sliders

    Set up for my first low and slow session on the PK 360 A four lb chuck roast for pulled beef sliders. Filled right side of the pit with unlit charcoal then added 12 ashed over lit coals in the top right corner of the pile. Cherry wood for smoke. Chuckie hit the cooking grate at 250 degrees. Foil...
  3. Freddy j

    Pepper-stout pulled beef on Kamado Joe

    Hi all, had the chance to watch both NFL Championship games yesterday and decided to smoke up a batch of pepper-stout pulled beef sammies: 1. rubbed the chuck roast with siracha and Montreal steak seasoning then onto the Kamado Joe Classic at 250f with some pecan chunks 2. cooked...
  4. D

    Chucky’s Nightmare

    This monster, Chucky, came to my house. While I was preparing to cook something he broke out of his constraints and I had to defend myself. I grabbed a knife and cut him in two. This slowed him down but he kept coming. The right side was obviously the stronger side so I threw hot sauce in...