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pork loin

  1. Jobiz

    Stuffed Pork Loin (1st attempt)

    Quick question. When stuffing a pork loin is there some technique to flattening out the loin besides just making a lengthwise cut to the center point? I've just noticed some of the pron here looks to be completely flat prior to the stuffing. I'm making this tonight so any thoughts/tips will...
  2. P

    Ned help

    So I have a bacon-wrapped pork loin stuffed with hot Italian sausage and I haven’t made something yet like it on the Pitboss. Where should I put the probes, what temp should I set my Pitboss to, and what temp should I pull it? I know the sausage needs an IT of 160 but the pork loin should be...

    Honey Buffalo Pork Loin

    So, this didn't hurt my taste buds last night. Kosmos Texas Beef Kosmos Honey Killer Bee Glaze with my special sweet and spicy buffalo sauce at 145 internal Pull off at 155-160 internal Rest Slice Love
  4. ShadowDriver

    NM Brethren - CostCo Pork Loin Sale

    Not sure if it's a single store event, but the CostCo at 1420 N Renaissance Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107 has a killer deal on whole pork loin: This puts a WHOLE pork loin in the $17-18 range... day-um! Go getcha' some!
  5. SmokinJohn

    Broiled Pork Chops with Red Roast Pork Marinade Varkenslapje

    Broiled Pork Chops with Red Roast Pork Marinade So, because I was too lazy to fire up the gasser and grill, I decided to broil some pork loin chops I picked up from Costco. Now, I used another recipe from the Faja Lobi Website that...
  6. Fwismoker

    Cheddar cheese injected bone in pork loin end roast

    This has got to be good! ....right? Well I'll find out soon! The bone was going through the middle so I adjusted the tines to miss the bone. I think the bone will add some flavor.
  7. captjoe06

    Thinly Sliced #Pork Loin Sandwiches Made On The Weber Kettle

    Rubbed The Pork Loin with Paul Prudhomme blackened seasoning and coarse black pepper. Set up the kettle using the snake method with briquettes, apple chunks and cherry chips. When she hit 130 internal I basted her with some Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce. 145 internal and she got pulled off and...
  8. S

    Pork loin and chicken

    Well there is no buckeye football today so I decided to fire up the uds and throw something on. I rubbed up a whole pork tenderloin and some chicken legs that I had hanging around. The chicken legs were rubbed up with some queen bee cajun rub I received from a trade partner and the loin has some...
  9. S

    The uds delivered again!!!

    Well got the uds fired up this afternoon and threw on a pork loin rubbed with oakridge pork rub and chicken legs with some cajun rub I got on the last trade round. Needless to say the uds delivered again and we had a fantastic dinner. I did not get pics of the before product but I did get the...
  10. G

    Pork loin w pron

    Gremolata stuffed pork loin, bone marrow and swede (the veg that is, not myself) all of it charcoal grilled. Not to bad for a wednesday dinner :)
  11. S

    pork chop awesomeness

    First of all sorry I didnt get any pictures but I just had to post. Yesterday the wife picked up a boneless pork loin and I decided to try something new. Last night I plugged up the old bradley (I know I know electric smoker yadi yadi yadi) and put a cold smoke on the whole loin as it was in an...
  12. S

    Turkish Pork Loin

    I wanted to smoke a brisket for Christmas Eve, but I had to work that day and do some improvising. I ended up with this variation from Chris Lilly's original recipe. I ended up using dried appricot bits, instead of golden raisins. The filling is also slightly different. Outside of the knife...
  13. G

    Advice on smoking a Full Pork Loin in an UDS?

    Got a great deal on some full pork loins (Rib Roast, Loin Chops, Sirloin Roast all together) but I've never smoked one before. Any suggestions on temperatures, tricks, tips, etc. Guy
  14. B

    How to cook pork loin on WSM?

    I have a 5lb pork loin that I want to smoke Saturday. How long should I cook it for?