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pork chop

  1. J

    Today's cook is brought to you by the letter "T"

    My butcher at Safeway is turning out to be a real asset. I've asked him for some really off the wall stuff, like cutting Lloyd's fully cooked and ready to eat SLC spareribs into thirds lengthwise, and he never bats an eye. This time, I told him that I wanted some nice thick cuts of meat with...
  2. R

    My First batch of Butt Glitter

    So i decided i was gonna mix together some of Pitmaster T's Butt Glitter today and give it a taste on some pork chops in the middle of a SNOW STORM!!! Just the beginning maybe an inch on the ground. All of the legends line up waiting their turn on the scale! The mix. The left overs...
  3. cmcadams

    Thursday on the BGE

    Now that storms are over for now, it was time to fire up the XL BGE. I love caprese salad, so I figured on trying grilled caprese salad, with nice, thick pork chops and grilled ciabatta bread... I didn't have time to bake the bread, so I bought it from Todd at a local market. Then I seasoned...