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    What does your catering rig look like?

    I was pointed to this board as I may get more reply's on this.. Fascinated by how pop-ups are becoming more and more popular and curious how they work. I see alot of ad's for these 250/500 gallon rigs but my question is how do these folks get by without having a functional kitchen area? Do you...
  2. C

    EZ Up recomendations

    Hey guys/gals. I need some advice. I have 2 8x8 ez-up sierra II models. I need to get the mesh sides. Can anyone recomend a source for these? Also, I see a lot of people using 10x10's at competitoins. I know I want the 10x0 models. But, is it really justifiable? Any comments on 8x8 vs 10x10 is...