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pitmaster iq 110

  1. J

    Assassin 28 Renovation - Before & After (long - w/much pron)

    I had a post a few months ago asking for advice on how to renovate a used Assassin 28 I picked up on Craigslist. I was given much great advice and in general; this site has been a university of BBQ for me. So with that in mind, this post serves as my tiny contribution to the cause! Some...
  2. J

    Almost done fixing up an Assassin 28. Can't get the pitmasteriq attached!!

    Hi - I am in the final stages of repainting, replacing gaskets and cleaning out a new to me Assassin 28. I will post photo's of the before and after and a full rundown on the process I went through, but I'm stumped on how to attached the pitmasteriq 110. You can see in this photo, that I have...
  3. S

    pitmaster iq 110 on uds

    Hello all just picked up my new uds and a pitmaster iq 110 controller. I was looking for advice with something. My question is how should I run my uds with the pitmaster operating? Do I need to leave all my air intakes closed or open. I havent played around yet just trying to get some tips and...