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pig shots

  1. R2Egg2Q

    Super Bowl Baby Backs & Pig Shots

    Cooked a couple racks of baby backs & a small batch of pig shots in the LBGE for a Super Bowl party. Ribs were rubbed with Oakridge Secret Weapon and sauced with Rob's Frog Sauce: Thanks for looking!
  2. Nut

    Wednesdays cook (Pepper Stout Beef + Fatty & Pig Shots)

    OK... Since I only tried this once last year & didn't get it quite right, I thought I'd try again. Started with a 1.7 KG (3.75 LB) chuck. I used APL's Brisket Paste & Seasoning as an inspiration, but had to make some changes because I don't have access to some ingredients, so... The Paste: I...
  3. T

    Ribs, Chicken, Turkey Legs and Pig Shots OH MY! (pron)

    This was a weekend to remember. Many thanks to my Brethren friends for the veteran recommendations on getting the BGE XL. When I originally asked which size I should get, the majority response was the XL. My wife was not convinced that "we" needed to go for the full monty, but I trusted in...
  4. R2Egg2Q

    Cookin' with smoke wood from Wampus

    A couple of weeks ago brother Wampus posted a thread about the smoke wood he and his kids cut down to chunks and he was kind enough to award a box of wood to the first person to correctly identify the 4 types of wood he had. Thanks to some hints I was able make the winning guess and a few days...
  5. 71-South

    Holy Pork! Pig Shots on the Egg

    I recently ran across an appetizer called "Pig Shots" on another site and decided to give them a try. When Mrs. South bit into one, there was a five second pause followed by "OH MY GOD !!!" Yep, they're pretty good. According to her, they're my go-to appetizer now, required at all BBQ-like...