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pepper stout

  1. Nut

    Wednesdays cook (Pepper Stout Beef + Fatty & Pig Shots)

    OK... Since I only tried this once last year & didn't get it quite right, I thought I'd try again. Started with a 1.7 KG (3.75 LB) chuck. I used APL's Brisket Paste & Seasoning as an inspiration, but had to make some changes because I don't have access to some ingredients, so... The Paste: I...
  2. I

    Pepper Stout Beef - if you haven't tried it yet, you need to

    This stuff is fantastic! Putting it on a bun is almost a waste - the bun just gets in the way. 3.5 lb chuck roast after 3 hours with some cherry smoke: After 3 more hours: Ready to eat! And just in case you were wondering, no, I am not a professional food photographer :grin: Original...