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pbc vs uds

  1. R

    Hanging Spares in the PBC versus Hanging Spares in an UDS

    One of the selling points of the PBC is that HUNG spares will cook evenly, i.e., the lower end of the spares closest to the fire will not overcook, or burn. The whole spare cooks evenly. If I HANG spares in an UDS, can I expect the same even cooking from bottom to top, or is there some...
  2. Norcoredneck

    If a Redneck wanted to build a UDS

    Ok here is how he would do it. Not that this is the right way or the only way but how I would do it. Will add steps as I complete them. Divide drum into 3 sections Layout grill holes. I chose 1 3/4"" and 8" from top. You should assess the drum you are using. Layout Intake...