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  1. T

    Smoked sausage for 80

    I am cooking for a party of 80. I am doing the following: 1.Pulled pork sandwiches with sauce 2.Smoked sausage bites 3.Potato salad 4.Green beans 5.Mini cinnamon rolls My question is, how many pounds of sausage should I need? This is the first time I am doing the sausage, so new territory...
  2. Q*bert

    First Smoke with the Party-Q by BBQ Guru

    The only thing better than eating your BBQ is babysitting the pit right? Right?? Ha!! Well, with a little help from my tax refund I finally bought something I've wanted for a long, long time. A pit temperature controller. I went with the Party-Q by BBQ Guru. The unit arrived well packaged...
  3. YokeUp

    Backwoods Water Pan removal Jack.. DIY
  4. C

    How long can a brisket rest?

    I picked up a 15lb brisket yesterday to smoke (yesterday was my Saturday), and realized that it could take a long time to smoke at 245*. I put it into the smoker at 9:15 last night, allowing it to have 18 hours in the smoker before I the time I want to pull it (this afternoon at 3:30pm). It's...
  5. C

    Expected time to smoke a brisket, and rub question

    I picked up a 14.75lb brisket today (USDA Choice, $2.58/lb, thought I did well there). I usually expect 1.5 hours per pound, and that held pretty true for the only other brisket I've ever done. It was 8lbs and took 12 hours. Should I really expect it to take 22 hours to cook? I am going to...
  6. C

    First Brisket (pron) - Updated at 4 hrs 30 mins of cook

    I decided to try a brisket. Just got her going at 8:45 (eastern) this morning. I did a light Montreal Steak seasoning that sat just long enough for the smoker to come up to temperature. This also gave the meat time to warm up to room temperature a little as well. I will post updates later today...
  7. C

    Backwoods Smoker Durability

    BWS owners, How has your smoker held up? I'm trying to decide between a new Chubby and a used Party. I definitely would like the extra room of the Party, and it will be discounted a little since it's used, but I'm curious how well your smokers have held up? The used Party is probably...
  8. C

    Starting a Backwoods Smoker

    I'm within a couple of weeks of getting a BWS. I've been looking through these forums for as much info as I can get, and found a lot of great stuff. As far as bringing the smoker up to temp, has anyone tried starting the charcoal and putting it in the bottom of the smoker with the diverter and...
  9. White Dog BBQ

    New Backwoods Extended Party!

    This morning Eric from Mason Dixon BBQ Services delivered my new BWS Extended Party! Right now I'm doing the initial burnoff, but my wife took a few pictures before I started to get her dirty. Here she is -- the new smoker! Profile shot! The innards -- this is the base configuration (6...

    Santa arrived -- it's PARTY time!!

    Just received my new PARTY!! VERY excited. Been using a team members' for past year -- Kevin Rundell (smokinit) --hooked me up -- NO HASSLES. I'm 'blogging' it with PIX at... --the delivery guy was like..."WHADDAYAMEAN you're takin' a picture??" <--must be...
  11. C

    Backwoods Party

    Newbie here, so if I a posting in the wrong forum, please let me know. I am thinking about buying a Backwoods Party for some small comps and need some advice. 1. Do I need to purchase the optional heat diverter or will the water pan be enough? 2. Is it easily mobile without the casters or...
  12. bmanMA

    BWS Extended Party Unboxing

    My shiny new Extended BWS Party was dropped to my curb (and then some) today. Too late to fire it. But man she sure is purty. Thanks Kevin! Was 396 lbs in the crate :shock: Crate was very well put together. The BWS was centered in the crate, with good clearance from all sides. Here's the...
  13. rookiedad

    bws party and fatboy owners question

    with a heat deflector installed which model has more headroom for building a fire basket? being that surface areas are the same what are the advantages of the fatboy provided i had a fire basket built for a party that allowed for ash seperation? is there a noticible difference between the...
  14. Bigmista

    Official So Cal Bash Roll Call

    Shout here if you are coming and if you plan on cooking anything we need to get a head count.